Heather Atkinson

The story so far...

Silent Elms, a stand alone Victorian gothic novel, will be published only on Amazon Kindle on 6th November 2022.

The North Yorkshire Moors, December 1849

Lily Grant's husband James went missing two years ago on Christmas Eve and no trace of him has ever been found. She haunts the halls of Silent Elms, a grand manor house, awaiting his return and torturing herself as to his fate.

When her in-laws return to the house to celebrate Christmas, who all loathe Lily and resent her close relationship with their father, the patriarch of the family, her life is made even more uncomfortable. The arrival of a mysterious stranger in the area who very closely resembles James initiates a chain of mysterious events at Silent Elms that threaten Lily's sanity, leading to a climax that could cause the house of Grant to fall.

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