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His Fatal Legacy, book 3 in the Alardyce series, will be released on Monday 20th March 2023, published by Boldwood Books. It is available in kindle, audio book and paperback form.

‘Heather Atkinson’s Victorian chiller is one that will keep readers engrossed all through the night and terrified of switching the lights off.’

Edinburgh 1896

Amy Alardyce's once-perfect life is in tatters. Her eldest son, Robert, has come of age, become the master of his own home, and married his childhood love Jane. But with maturity has come a terrible legacy, and the dark desires Robert inherited from his evil father Matthew, are fighting to get loose.

Whilst Jane is working hard to get her and Robert accepted into fashionable society, poor women are being hunted on the streets of Edinburgh, and Amy fears her son is to blame. And once the infamous Inspector Murphy takes up the case, Amy has to face a stark choice - denounce her son as a monster or risk her own safety to protect him from the consequences of his lethal actions.

If you love Emily Organ, Kate Saunders and Ann Granger, you’ll love the Alardyce series. Discover bestselling author Heather Atkinson and you'll never look back...

Please note this is an updated version of the previously published Ancestral Tides.

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