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Now that the Blair Dubh series is finished, I am writing two new series of books.

The first is a contemporary crime series based in Glasgow, the lead character of which is Brodie Macbride whose business is unfinished business.

The second is the Victorian Gothic series, which is also crime-based but set in the Victorian era, with which I'm fascinated.

Dividing Line #8 will be published in the middle of next year.

So plenty more books to come!

Hunted (Dividing Line #7) available for pre-order

Hunted (Dividing Line #7) will be available for pre-order on Sunday 24th August 2014. Release date Monday 15th September 2014.

Ryan and Rachel’s dreams of finally moving back into their family home in Devon after it was devastated by fire are doused by the discovery of a body buried on their land.

Ryan, as ever highly dubious of the abilities of the police, decides to look into the matter personally, with the help of the ever-loyal Battler and Bruiser. Their investigation uncovers some deep, dark secrets their new neighbours would prefer remained hidden.

What's Next?

I've had a few messages asking me what book will be coming next, so here is a list of what I'm currently working on:

Electric Light -  Blair Dubh #3 - third and final book of the trilogy. Will be released in the next couple of months.

Dividing Line Anthology of short stories - will be released in the next 2-3 months.

The seventh book in the Dividing Line series, as yet untitled. Will be released in the next 3-5 months.

The first part of a brand new crime series. Released at the end of the year.

Dividing Line Short Story Anthology

Hello everyone, want to say thanks for downloading my new novel and for all the positive feedback. Thank you, thank you so much xxx

I have lots of ideas about the early lives of some of the Dividing Line characters with no way to write them into the current series, so I thought I could turn them into short stories and create a compilation. There would be stories about Ryan and Rachel, of course, Mikey, Jules and Jez, just for starters. This compilation would also enable me to briefly resurrect Alex, Danny, Frank and Martina, as well as the inimitable Frankie McVay, who I miss writing about, and to bring in more background about his sister, Toni. Would love some feedback on this idea. Let me know what you think xx

First Chapter - Aftermath


The residents of the estate weren’t used to seeing big flash motors pull up. Usually all they got was a parade of old wrecks held together by rust, which inevitably ended up on bricks when their wheels got nicked. So it was an understatement to say that Shane and his friends were surprised when a brand new Range Rover rolled to a halt before them, black metalwork gleaming in the weak spring sun. Before the doors even opened he was calculating how much he could earn from nicking it.

Aftermath - Dividing Line #6

Aftermath - Dividing Line #6 - now available to purchase on Amazon Kindle.

Rachel and Ryan are still trying to catch their breath after the last war in Manchester, which has left its scars, both inside and out. But a return to normality is denied by those they hurt and whose lives they ruined in defence of their own.

When Ryan's two half-sisters turn up like bad pennies - Lexie with a dark secret and Jules with vengeance on her mind - their hopes for a peaceful interlude are dashed. On top of that Katia is still making her presence felt, violently grieving for Alex Maguire, murdered by the Laws, clinging onto her sanity with the arrival of her twin baby boys - Alex and Daniel.

Fourth Dividing Line Book

In response to several queries I've had, the fourth Dividing Line book will be available to purchase on Amazon Kindle in the New Year 2014. I intend this series to run and run over the years, so plenty of adventures to come for the Laws and Maguires. 

Breaking Away Prequel

I'm currently writing the prequel to Dead Eyed Dad, about the crimes of Joseph Michael Lee, bringing back a lot of familiar characters. Joseph has lots of secrets to reveal, some of which are surprising even me. Should be available to buy on Amazon next month.

New Dividing Line Book?

All along I'd thought after Divided Loyalties I would end the saga of the Maguires.  However, a recent lovely review on this book said the reader would like another book in the series.  This had never crossed my mind before but now I'm seriously considering it because I have a couple of ideas.  I would love to know your views.  Should there be more for the Maguires, or leave it as it is?
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